Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Indie Book Corner: Sky Ghost: The Night Before, by Alexandra Engellmann (Free Download)
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Action packed short story with plenty of cutthroat humor.

Sky Ghosts: The Night Before is a fast-paced action comedy with a lot of brutal swordplay and appropriately dark humor.  It stars a young adult age girl named Pain who's out to protect the streets of New York from the big bad Sky Beasts, a rival gang composed of those with powers like hers.  I've been a fan of these SG books for a while now.  This brand of metaphysical fantasy and supernatural action is just my cup of tea.  This short introduction story serves up more of what I like about the series, namely the bloody action and awesome characters.  You won't find very many characters out there quite like my favorite pair of Pain and Marco, both stars of their own books that I also enjoyed immensely.  This one hit my action junkie spot quite nicely and also gave me more than enough “inappropriate” jokes to laugh at.

As someone who's been with this series since the beginning and who is privileged enough to call the author friend, it's quite a joy to see the progression in the writing style.  This one hits all the right points at just the right time which creates a little powerhouse of a short story that hits with great impact.  Because of that, I'll be patiently awaiting the proper series sequel whenever Alexandra gets to finishing the damn thing.

Anyways, check out the free preview guys and gals and that me know what you think of it.

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