Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blogging and relevance

So honestly this is my first shot at blogging.  You can count stuff like Facebook and Tumblr as blogs technically but I choose to not think of them as such.  I think of Facebook as a bar/hangout with your family, friends, and acquaintances.  Most hardly ever go outside of adding those people and I myself like to keep certain privacy settings on so outsiders can't see all of my various posts, notes, etc.  Tumblr, to me, seems more fit for posting art and other sorts of pictures.  It has a nice amount of functions for notes, news, and other types of text messages but feeds are usually dominated by pictures and for someone unknown and somewhat irrelevant like myself it's easy to get drowned away by all that hyper-imagery (though it is quite awesome I can attest.)

My goal here is to find some relevance and to promote my works.  I am a very strange kind of person when you get right down to it and I want to see if the stuff I like and my works are relevant in the world as it is today.  There will be darkness, there will be queries, quandaries, and confusion that will be mostly on my part then it may spread to you.  The world is a confusing place and I struggle to make sense of it all.  Hopefully I'll get some help in that through this blog.

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