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Dragon Ball Super and Team Universe 7: Piccolo and Buu (Gohan) part 2

Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read the latest chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga by Toyotaro.  Read at your own risk.

Welp, it already looks like a few of my predictions were wrong.  To see those and get some giggles out of my lack of foresight, go ahead and check out this link

Included was my idea that Buu would actually make it to the tournament.  He didn't even pass the written exam.  It was so predictable that even I didn't think Toriyama would go for it.  He did and sadly there's no Buu in the tournament despite the hype of him on the promotional materials.  So the poster should look more like this.

Nothing to see here, move along...
Yup, just four U7 fighters, as it always was. Good ol' Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, REDACTED, and Monaka *whistles and slowly walks away.*

Now with what he know of the end of Super's Fukkatsu no 'F' arc, let's see if we can figure out Piccolo's role.

Resurrection no 'P'

At the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime's Fukkatsu no 'F' arc, Piccolo is resurrected with the Namekian Dragon Balls not long after his death at Frieza's hand.  As you all should know at this point, he stepped in and took a blast from the tyrant that was aimed at his protege Gohan.  At the victory party, Gohan apologizes and earnestly asks Piccolo to retrain him so that he can protect his family.  Piccolo seems to agree, but tells Gohan that he'll have to properly retrain his weak body.  So now it seems that these two have a proper motivation to train.  Like many of you, I'm stuck wondering what will come of these results.  I did a post about ways Akira can power these characters up in an interesting way but he's missed the window for the powerups I had for Piccolo in the after life.  So now what will he do?

More than 5 days to train

I'm relieved that my concerns about the manga and Piccolo's mere 5 day training window for this tournament seem to be old news now.  The anime presents us some evidence that a nice chunk of time has passed since the end of the FnF arc.  Krillin has had enough time to grow his hair back and Gohan has even changed hair styles.  So maybe some months have passed.  It's seemingly so since Goku and co. can use the Earth's Dragon Balls again.  So does this mean that Piccolo and Gohan have been diligently training in that time?  As is now shown in the preview for next week's episode, if they have been training with the sort of intensity shown in this gif then they both might just jump by several levels.  They are fighting like bitter enemies it looks like.  Look at how aggressively Piccolo is attacking.  I don't think he's holding anything back.

Training gains in Dragon Ball have always been wildly inconsistent.  Most of them are largely based on the plot.  But if a character is getting some screen time dedicated to intense training, usually they end up with a decent role in the the upcoming or current arc.  So with Piccolo and Gohan being the "B Team" of Dragon Ball Super, will something come of this?  That's the question many of you want to know, I suspect.  And the answer to that is yes in my opinion.  I don't think this nicely animated and well drawn action scene was just added to pad anything out.  I believe that this training session between two series favorites, who are the main defense Earth has behind Goku and Vegeta and who are leagues upon leagues behind the two in strength, will ultimately result in a substantial powerup for the both of them.

But how strong will they get?

That's definitely up in the air.  It wouldn't make a ton of sense for them to reach Goku and Vegeta levels in only a few months of training, especially when Goku and Vegeta are still constantly training.  I think this training will put both Gohan and Piccolo in a realm of power where they can both be recognized by Beerus and Whis.  As idiotic and crazy as it sounds, I think Piccolo will reach Super Saiyan 3 Goku levels.  I don't really know what's going on with Gohan though.  He should have already been way ahead of Super Saiyan 3 Goku, so is this training meant to get him back at that level?  Will he surpass the Vegeta who pushed Beerus to use 10% of his power?  I just don't know.


My guess is Gohan will unlock something new.  It won't be Super Saiyan God or the blue haired form though.  It'll be something just for him and he'll be back in the second arc or whenever the hell sh** hits the fan in this arc to show off his new power.

Piccolo will maintain his role of outclassed badass, kinda like the Tien role in late Dragon Ball Z.  Though Tien is still a boss too for going hand to hand with the freakin' God of Destruction!  But I don't think Piccolo will reach the realm of Goku and Vegeta by any means and I also don't think he's being set up for it in a later arc.  I think AT just wants to make him a little stronger so that he can tag along with Goku and Vegeta and make some smart observations about their battles while also being able to lend a hand every once in a while in some small way.  It's a disappointing role to see for a Piccolo fan, but at least he's being utilized.

Anyways, that's my predictions about this latest arc and Piccolo and Gohan's role in it.  No, I don't think Gohan will fight in the tournament, but I do think he's being pushed for something later on.  Who knows, I've proven to be wrong before on calling the obvious.  But please, share your own thoughts, opinions, and theories below or just comment on mine.

As always, thanks for the browse, my glorious readers!


  1. So, u don't think that there is any way for Piccolo to reach goku/vegeta levels ? Is Golden Piccolo off the cards ?
    What about Tien, do u still think he will become a God of war with power rivalling Goku & Vegeta ?

    1. I wish! Piccolo in his base form is actually very strong. If he had even one transformation that gave him 50 times power then he'd actually a little bit behind Goku and Vegeta. I just want Piccolo to get something like Kaioken or something new. Something that can boost his power while fighting. I want him to get his fighting spirit back.

      Tien is unfortunately a done deal. I'd like to see Tien and Piccolo get a nice power boost. The show is boring with only Goku and Vegeta at the top of the totem pole.

      You can see some of my ideas here:

      I recommended Piccolo do some training in the Other World and Tien gaining some even more HAX techniques and transformations.

    2. Do you still think that there is a chance for Tien to get the war God upgrade you said he might get ?
      Now that the otherworld upgrade path has been closed, is there any other way for Piccolo to reach goku/Vegeta levels barring an insane kaioken multiplication- which will not be a permanent solution. Namekian book of legends, Dragonball absorption, whole namekian race deus fusion, anything ? Or do u think akira will let Piccolo stay on as an utter weakling ?

    3. Hey LordWhis! I completely made up that Tien war god path. If I was the one writing the show then I'd definitely give it to Tien. Toriyama and Toei however have shown that they have no desire to make characters like Tien anywhere near as strong as Goku and Vegeta. So no, I don't think they'll upgrade Tien at all.

      As for Piccolo. I believe that he can naturally train to reach the same levels of Goku and Vegeta as long as he can eventually learn to harness God Ki. We've seen Tagoma go from Ginyu tier to something between Cell and Buu in only 4 months so I think anything is possible with Piccolo if he puts his mind to it. I already think he's gotten a lot stronger just training with Gohan. I think for Piccolo to really reach new heights in his power, he'll have to either train harder with Gohan then raise his power enough to train with Whis or he'll have to do some specialty training in the Otherworld. I've always liked the idea of Piccolo somehow training with Dabura in the after life. You know, the Demon King training with the other Demon King. It would be epic!

      Piccolo can also merge with some powerful Namekian in universe 6 and get a huge boost that way, but I'm tired of him only getting insane boosts from fusion. My gut tells me that Piccolo will remain a weakling (compared to Goku and Vegeta) because Toriyama never creatively uses characters he considers weak in combat. It's just the way he writes his stories. You can see it in the latest episode when Piccolo declines to train with Goku and Vegeta despite his body being able to regenerate.

      I like your ideas, about the Namekian Book of Legends and the Dragon Ball Absorption. I just don't know a lot about that. Nowadays it seems like the Namekian Book of Legends was just a throwaway line unfortunately. And I don't know if Piccolo can absorb dragon balls and if he could, would they really make him that much stronger? But imagine a badass Super Dragon God Piccolo! That would be cool if he just busted out that form against Frost.

  2. When will u post about goten, trunks, krillin & lazuli's potential powerups?

    1. You've just reminded me about it. I'll see if I can post them tonight. I'll have to change my theories a little bit since Super has the timeline I started with. But it'll be really fun with Goten and Trunks now after Vegeta's line about them getting stronger on their own. If I don't finish it tonight then I'll have it up by Saturday. Thanks for reading my post!

    2. Hey Lordwhis! I just posted my second potential powerups for the human gang

  3. I want gohan & gotenks to max out at super vegito level honestly, I think the martial artist & super omega gotenks paths should come to fruition. Not everybody should be god level, ssj has been cheapened already, toriyama should not repeat his mistake & make ssj god something everybody & their uncle can get, it should be exclusive.

  4. I don't think everyone should be able to get god powers per se, but I do like the idea of them getting really strong in different ways. If everyone all got SSB then it'd get boring really fast. I think the boys can easily get past Super Vegito's level together as Gotenks. All they have to do is surpass their dads' SSJ2 levels during the Buu saga. That shouldn't be hard for them if they take their training seriously. I think Gohan can once again get stronger than Goku and Vegeta if he got really, really serious about fighting. I think Piccolo should be able to get up there too, but I'm just a huge Piccolo fan so I keep hoping that he gets really strong. Too bad Toei and Toriyama don't seem to feel the same way.

    1. I think, only Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo & maybe Tien should be at that level of power, they symbolize the series. Gohan & Gotenks should get till super vegito levels, gotten, trunks & USB should be no more than ssj3 tier, android 18 could be ssj2 or 3 or somewhere in between. The humans should probably range from first form freeze to imperfect cell levels.
      It doesn't make sense honestly, if everybody suddenly became uber strong, weak characters are important too, gohan and gotenks can take on like lieutenants, and the other characters can battle assorted minions who vary in strength & with unique techniques can be relevant even against big threats.
      I for one don't want the gohan who slacked off so much to get that strong, there should be some reward for people like goku, vegeta, piccolo & tine who have trained continuously and non stop throughout the series, god levels of power should be something that should only come from a lifetime of hard training. Gohan had his moment in the sun, & then honestly became a crap character, who was arbitrarily made to be earth's best hope, gohan was best as the underdog, what he became, honestly I didn't like.

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  6. Looks like my predictions turned out to be correct. 2018 says hi.