Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Life Passes You By

There is no time, none at all. We usually have work, family, friends, and other societal expectations that truly drain that precious resource and leave us none for ourselves. How do we handle this? More specifically, how do I handle this? I make lists and I make empty promises, to myself and what I believe to be my benefit. I make lists of movies I want to watch (and will watch), things to buy, books to read, games to play, music to listen to, people to visit, ways to improve, and the fun I eventually want to have. I list down my life and promise myself that I will eventually live it. Now though we have goals, you and I. We make those goals to survive and to succeed. I understand. Our lists, we must work towards it. We both know that.

For some of us time is an obsession.
But notice that in no time at all, those lists that we started so many years ago are still mostly unaccomplished. Not many check marks there I see. Notice how our lists have continued to grow as our time has dwindled more and more. If yours is anything like mine then you’ve seen it double and triple and quadruple. Those shows, books, games and songs are still out there for your consumption but worse yet are the small things you probably forgot to do. You’ve probably forgotten to write your grandma that letter you told yourself you would for Mother’s Day. You probably still haven’t made it up to your friend for missing that one hang out session months ago. Your list has probably grown to impossible heights unless you’re smarter than me and decided to scrap it a long time ago.

Friend. Will we ever have the time? Will we ever catch up to our lists? How did we get so comfortable with our lives passing us by? How do we reconcile this? How do we reconcile our desire to satisfy our deepest desires with living our lives? How do we live in a way that entails that our lives are not just lists? Can this be done while adhering to our path of goals? I search for these answers every day. My search continues. What about yours? Have you found your balance? Comment below and share your story.

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