Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sunborn Rising Shirt, Soundtrack, and Swag

One of my favorite reads this year was Sunborn Rising, a book filled with beautiful sprawling artwork and immeasurable creativity.  Neoglyphic Entertainment, the group behind the ambitious title had recently had a sale on some Sunborn Rising items and apparel.  Seeing an opportunity to support an independent venture and one I liked, I happily purchased a few of the items for a pretty good price.

I ended up purchasing a shirt, a soundtrack, and a swag bag.  It all came in only a few days (like two I think).  The shirt's cool, with the book's villain, Argus, standing out in all white against the black backdrop of the fabric and stylishly inside of him or rather in front is the book's hero, Barra, as an all black shade.  I like how Argus' roots spell out the title of the book.  It's a very clever design.  The swag bag had all types of items in it that I show off below and the soundtrack was signed by the composer, Sean Beeson.

You can click the photos to get a better view of the CD and cover.  The left flap of the cover's inside shows the credits which includes sixteen tracks all performed by composer Sean Beeson and one track performed the Contemporary Youth Orchestra. 

I love the first track, the Sunborn Rising theme. It gives the the feeling of some of the more popular adventure movies. There's a suitably heroic theme for Barra and a very menacing and slow theme for Argus.  My favorite so far has to be the final orchestra track, which I thought closed the album neatly.  The whole soundtrack makes for some pleasant ambiant reading music, perfect for the book.  For whatever reason, I listened to atmospheric dance music during my time reading the book which proved to be a wonderful decision. 

As you can see, the CD is signed and the inside flaps have some gorgeous art displaying a scene stretching from one side to the next.  There is a track listing on the back of the cover for all seventeen tracks.

The swag bag was filled with all sorts of knick-knacks including four temporary tattoos with two distinct designs, three elastic wristbands, two bookmarks, and one decal.  I'll probably end up giving most of this out to the nieces and nephews.  I'll be selfishly keeping those bookmarks though.  I do need a good bookmark...or two.

This is the two designs on the front and the back of the wristband, the book's title and the swirling symbol of the book.  The wristbands themselves were too small for my man-sized wrist, so I'll be giving at least two of them out.  I like the color choice since it reminds me of the book's title.

So yeah, that's my Sunborn Rising swag in a nutshell.  I'm very happy with my purchases and will be looking out for more deals on the SR store in the future.  The book in the picture above is the original review copy I received from Aaron and Neoglyphic.  I hope to one day get it signed.  You can find my thoughts about the book right here the blog (  You can find information about Sunborn Rising books, games, and artworks as well as a link to the Neoglyphic shop here at (

Anyways, thanks for checking out this post everyone.

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