Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Focus is hard to find

I had plans for this week but have only barely accomplished any of them.  First and foremost on my list was to write some chapters on my nearly complete book Average Joe and the Extraordinaires which can be previewed here.  Then I wanted to work on the characters and AI ratings for FlubberKnuckle's game Flipz.  I wanted to finish the latest Story of K chapter and finish my latest analysis of Guardian's Crusade for my A Closer Look series.  None of that was done and I blame it on my wavering levels of focus.

I did have plenty of distractions such as video games, my friend Will, The Young Turks on Youtube, my friend Will, Facebook, my friend Will, and just generally forgetting about everything that I wanted to do.  Now to be honest it's totally not fair to blame Will for my lack of concentration, that was my own doing.  It is indeed tough for me to find a groove to start any sort of writing that requires concentration as long as I'm distracted but that's something that I definitely have to work on and I also have to work on saying no which strangely enough has become a lot harder lately especially since I'm becoming more tolerant of other people's desires.

I did manage to plot my story out to its end over the last few days which I am glad of.  Writing for me is weird like that but I notice that I can definitely do more of it and better quality while alone which is why my next move must be a singular one.

I'll have to either learn some meditative concentration techniques or hope that this move happens sooner rather than later.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know because other than having fun this week has been disappointing as far as productivity.

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