Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are You Average or Are You Extraordinary?

So a thought popped into my head during my endless work with AJE.  It was an easy thought to come by looking at my title. It was a thought encapsulated by this very title question.  Are you average or are you extraordinary

-ordinary or usual
-about midway between two extremes

-very unusual :very different from what is normal and ordinary
-extremely good or impressive

This seemingly easy question can be a little tricky to answer, when you think about how you were raised.  Were you a part of Generation Me and always told you were extraordinary no matter what?  Did you and all your classmates all get a gold star all the time?  Has your amazing skill in something recently seemed not so awesome in comparison to others you've noticed?  Did you just recently find out that you were really good at something, like no one else? Did you think you were average for a big part of your life and then realize that you and your family were anything but?  Did it happen when you moved to a different town?  Changed schools?  Grew up? What happened there?  Did these questions bring you any closer to finding out if you were average or extraordinary?  Let's find out.

Okay here's the truth.  I only offered you a false dichotomy.  An either/or.  I offered you black and white when there's at in between. I challenge you to look at your life and not find something that is average and conversely something that is extraordinary.  You are capable of both facets in every area of your life.  Maybe you have an extraordinary talent but like to do normal stuff like watch TV and sports, or attend weekly social activities that are more well known.  Maybe it's the opposite and you don't feel you do anything extraordinary but you like all manner of weird and niche stuff or activities that no one else even knows exists like urban exploring, LARPing, or even that new indie book series that you recently got into.

Whatever the case I think it's great to acknowledge both of these parts of our lives.  Embrace the Average because it helps connect you with others.  It's our common ground so to speak.  It's a bridge for connecting with others and a reference for beginning long lasting friendships.  Embrace the Extraordinary because it naturally comes out of you.  It shouldn't be stifled because you're scared to stand out and be who you were naturally meant to be.  That extraordinary-ness is within you and sometimes it separates you from the crowd and that's okay.  It's such an uplifting feeling to embrace that side of yourself that I recommend everybody try it.  To do so you only need to find out what part of you is extraordinary and cultivate it.

So are you average?  Are you extraordinary?  Which one will it be?  Or have you realized the truth?


  1. I'm an average guy who thinks he's extraordinary!

    1. I'm right there with you Frank! But your dedication to your craft makes you extraordinary in my book (no pun intended).

  2. In high school, my class rank at graduation was dead middle. It doesn't get more average than that.
    I am extraordinarily tall though.

    1. lol See, a perfect mixture of average and extraordinary! Don't forget to add extraordinary author to that list. Your series is also on my to-read list since I liked GG so much.