Saturday, January 3, 2015

Character Profiles: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires: The Villains

Borland's Report

The Commanding Man
I don't know much about this guy but the kid brought him to my attention the other day.  He's an unsettling individual that's for sure.  I think it's his dead eyes.  Even when he smiles his eyes tell you he wants you dead or worse.  I met him once, trying to be inconspicuous and I knew from that meeting that he knew who I was.  On the surface he was cool, at-ease, pleasant, and humble.  There are many things he couldn't fake, like the disdain for me in his eyes that this old P.I. picked up on as clear as day.  He has plans for something major, but I couldn't tell you what the hell that is for the life of me.  The "spy" has an interest in him that she's trying to hide.  I guess that's enough to begin a true investigation of this man too.  I have a hunch he's connected with my current case anyway.

The Mannerable Man
His true identity is unknown but the way he accomplishes his work borders on miraculous.  Whenever this man is involved some strange, unexplainable occurrence happens and usually in his favor.  Highly dangerous.  In order to get to the commanding man, we'll have to go through this guy first, whoever he is.  Judging by how often these two are in contact, he may be the commanding man's most trusted subordinate.

The Rough Talking Man
A thug, pure and simple.  This man is ruthless and every action he takes has a simple purpose.  He wants to get even more money than he currently has.  Revered in the underworld and respected in the business world.  He has made all the right decisions in ascending the ladder of societal power.  The fact that this bruiser isn't in jail despite his reputation shows that he's not a complete fool.  He knows how to cover his tracks and has proven resourceful.  This scumbag owns a lot of property around the town and nearby city including Picker's Stadium.  He's a major player but I get the feeling that he's working for somebody else.  I say that because some of his actions don't make sense for a businessman like himself.  Kidnapping that girl, for one.  That's what led me to his trail in the first place.  I consider this knucklehead extremely dangerous.  He owns a large personal army of thugs with guns and security in black suits.  Besides that he has a proven track record of violence and is considerably volatile.

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***These reports are non-canon to the current story and only for promotional purposes

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