Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Character Profile: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires: Joe

Joe is the main character of our tale and our very eyes and ears into what's actually happening.  Through him we experience the crazy events that have changed Orangetown.  Who is Joe?  Well read on to find out.

Name: Joe Remington Black
Age: 16
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hair Color: reader interpretation
Eye Color: reader interpretation
Skin Color: reader interpretation
Place of Origin: Orangetown, Florida, USA
Birthdate: March 27
Hobbies: Hanging with Kate and Mod, watching t.v. (sports, detective shows, sitcoms, and cop dramas), watching random vids on youtube

Joe has lived his entire life in the shadow of greatness.  He's never been exceptional at anything.  The range of his talent level goes from subpar to good enough with rare instances of him being considered 'good' by others.  Joe mostly follows the rules.  He's always been a good kid.  He has a close relationship with his parents and grandparents and has inherited their humble charitable no-nonsense values.  Joe is fairly sociable and has two close friends in Kate--his girlfriend--and her little brother Mod.

As a kid Joe played a few team sports like basketball and football.  He stopped playing around the start of middle school because he didn't see a future in it.

Joe is currently unaware of what his future holds.  He hasn't really prepared for it like everyone around him seems to have done and he doesn't think that he's good enough at anything to delve into one college major or career.  He has a lot to think about in his last two years of high school and doesn't have time for any distractions...

Joe's appearance is left to the reader's interpretation.  Whatever you imagine him to look like, that's exactly what he looks like - no ifs ands or buts about it.  The only thing to keep in mind is that you and I may describe him very differently in a conversation with one another.  Certain of his physical characteristics are set in stone and can be seen in his actions throughout the book.  He is fairly athletic and doesn't have any extreme features that would cause him to stand out.

Average Joe and the Extraordinaires is out now!  Pick up your copy today!


  1. Sounds like someone I wouldn't notice if he passed me on the street.
    He could be a serial killer or a nobody.
    A blank canvass upon which his actions paint his portrait.

    1. That's a really interesting view you have of Joe, Frank. I'm glad you commented because I didn't even think of Joe like that. He is definitely a blank canvas and learns quite a lot throughout the book in his search for his own greatness. What that is, who knows? You're spot on to say his actions paint his portrait.

  2. Interesting concept telling a story through the eyes of someone no one pays much attention to, looks fun.

    1. Yeah, Joe was surprisingly fun to write. You would think someone so average would be a bore to write about and I did. I had all these gimmicks set up to make Joe more interesting but when I really got into it and found out who Joe really was, I threw away the gimmicks and found the parts centered around him to be the most fun to write. Thanks for browsing Neil!