Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Character Profiles: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires: Borland

MIB Reports
"The Pain in Our Side" aka "The Detective."

Real Name: Hank Borland
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 177 lbs
Hair Color: Brown/Gray
Eye Color: Gray/Green
Skin Color: Caucasian (dark)
Place of Origin: OrangeTown
Birthdate: 7/26
Age: 49
Hobbies: Detective Work, Teaching Dahlila
Talents: Skilled Investigator, High Levels of Deductive Reasoning, Skilled in the Use of Crime Labs, Accurate Marksmanship, Accomplished Hand-to-Hand Fighter

Once a member of the OrangeTown Police Department in his youth, Borland left to pursue a more promissing career as an FBI agent.  During his stint with the OTPD he made some strong bonds with his fellow officers especially the current lieutenant Carl Jonas thanks to his charisma, efficiency, and unwavering dedication to his work.  He left and found greater fame as a rising star in the FBI.  He quickly closed several high profile cases that had been assigned to him including the case of the Circus Park killers and the Underwood drug ring.

He left the bureau under less than ideal circumstances after his partner, and friend, disappeared.  They had been seen in a heated argument with each other by several agents right before her disappearance.  This led to an investigation of Borland himself who quit the Bureau soon after.  His personal life looks to have suffered as well around that time.  He and his wife separated soon after.  This separation was even more devastating because his wife moved out of state with his daughter.  These two are not easy to find.  We've tried, in order to get leverage on this man.  Somehow their current whereabouts seem scrubbed from public records.  There's not even a digital paper trail.  The detective is probably behind this.

Soon after leaving the Bureau and his wife, Borland began taking trips around the world.  We don't know why exactly, but it's rumored he was searching for his partner.  When he returned home, he brought home a little girl and adopted her.  This little girl, as it turned out, was Dahlila Hill, our little prisoner.

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***These reports are non canon to the original story.  I made them for the purposes of promotion to provide a little more insight into the characters.

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