Monday, August 11, 2014

Character Profiles: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires: Dahlila

MIB Reports
"The Tough-Girl"

Real Name: Dahlila Hill
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde, short (below the ear)
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Asian/Caucasian
Birthplace: Orangetown, Florida
Birthdate: 10/25
Age: 18
Hobbies: Combat Training, Exercising, Investigating
Talents: High Deductive Reasoning, Knowledgeable of Investigative Protocol and Techniques, Proficient in Krav Maga, Knowledgeable of and Trained in the use of Combat Weapons Including Conventional Firearms, Non-Lethal Melee Weaponry and Knives.

A young woman with exceptional physical and deductive talents.  She is learning the investigative craft from the "detective," that man who has been a thorn in our side.  She has been with this detective since she was a little girl.  He adopted her himself after her mother, Karen, went missing on assignment.  Dahlila learned investigative protocol and techniques in order to help the detective track down her mother's whereabouts.  Over the years they have made a living together finding missing people, criminals in hiding, and breaking open cases for the FBI and local units.

Dahlila is highly trained and highly intelligent.  It's been observed that she is a quick learner and astute combatant.  Danger doesn't frighten her thanks to years of street level investigations.  That same experience has given her keen street smarts and made her highly resourceful.  Some of her methods are a bit 'questionable' however.  She is prone to bending the law if it interferes with her goals and sometimes she's shown herself to commit mistakes because of her fiery temper and sense of justice.

She was easy to capture once she glimpsed the child aka the "experiment" in our captivity.  Her anger made her sloppy and we got the jump on her.  She's been in our clutches ever since.  She is resilient to all our interrogation methods, surprisingly.  It really annoys the under-boss.  We've noticed that she's made friends with the experiment.  We may be able to use this to our advantage in order to extract information from her.  We can't go too far though no matter what the under-boss says because not even he can protect us from the real boss if his experiment is harmed.  Even if we can't get any info from her, we can still use her as leverage against that detective.

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***These reports are non canon to the original story.  I made them for the purposes of promotion to provide a little more insight into the characters.

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