Friday, August 15, 2014

Design Inspiration: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires

Each character in Average Joe and the Extraordinaires was created to be unique and add something truly extraordinary into Joe's world.  As I envisioned them, each character had a specific appearance, demeanor, and way of talking.  When I finished my initial conception I then thought of other characters in the media that may be similar and these gals and guys below popped into my head.


Wonder Woman of DC Comics.
With Beauty, the template that I worked from was simple.  I envisioned her as a tall and athletic woman with this thick ocean of deep black hair upon head and shoulders.  From there I imagined her being very active and tanned from all the hustle and bustle of a busy life of exploration and adventure.  A few characters came to mind but the two below really stood out and helped me envision her more.  *This is a side note but I really have a thing for tall, athletic, girls with long black hair.  It's a curse I'm afraid :'(

Kanu Unchou of Battle Vixens aka Ikki Tousen


Dan Turpin from Superman the Animated Series
This guy inspired Borland pretty much from conception.  If you don't know, this is Dan Turpin from Superman the Animated Series which is honestly one of DC Animation's best works.  Dan Turpin's appearance for the cartoon is quite different from his comic book appearance.  Here his appearance is based off of famous comic book artist/creator Jack Kirby.   Just look up Mr. Kirby and you'll see the similarities.  Turpin is a pretty cool no-nonsense tough-as-nails detective and a pretty good foil to Superman's idyllic nature.  If you want to get a hint at Borland's personality then go watch some classic Superman TAS.  Actually you should start with the Batman/Superman Crossover, World's Finest, since the live action crossover is slated to come out soon.  Turpin has some decent lines in that.

Dan Turpin from Superman the Animated Series

Mod Malington

So now that I look at this list, it seems like most of my inspiration came from DC comics.  That's only slightly true.  This is Mad Mod from the DC Animated Show Teen Titans.  I believe he's also in the comics.  I mainly liked his name and red hair which both inspired my own character.  That's about all this character inspired but that was more than enough to get the ball rolling in envisioning Mod Malington.
Mad Mod from Teen Titans

Team Badd Azz

Team Badd Azz is somewhat of a parody of the Warriors.  I also like the Warriors quite a bit and I have also purchased manly vests because now, after seeing the movie, I think they look cool.  So TBA is more of a parody of my own sense of fashion.
Go watch this movie!

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