Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm currently hard at work on a new videogame breakdown!!!

[Insert Mystery Game]  (don't look at the picture)

For all you Sega-philes and beat-em-up fanatics, coming soon is...MY GUARDIAN HEROES VIDEOGAME BREAKDOWN!!!
90's awesomeness, still cool today.  This is the cast of Guardian Heroes.  Going clockwise and starting from the badass skeleton you have the Undead Hero, Ginjirou, Nicole, Randy (w/Nando), Han, and Serena.  This is what a diverse cast should look like.

Oh yeah!  I know I aint the only one here excited.  Yes indeed, I will not be reviewing the game because really, who can review such perfection?  No I'll be deconstructing the game, piece by glorious piece, to bring you -- my glorious readers -- my painstakingly detailed observations of what exactly makes this game tic.  By the end of this I hope to find and share exactly what's so magical about this 90's flavored gem and maybe find out how we can recapture the timeless nature of this quality product.

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