Monday, August 18, 2014

Character Profiles: Average Joe and the Extraordinaires: Melissa

"The Experiment" "Honeybee"

Real Name: Melissa Grant
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 74 lbs
Hair Color: Black, cut low into a near crew cut
Eye Color: Black
Race: African American
Birthplace: Oak Park, MI
Birthdate: 10/10
Age: 8
Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Board Games
Talents: Highly Empathetic, Smart, Quick Witted, Clairvoyant, Mannerable

An exceptionally bright, polite, and empathetic young girl.  She is now one of our experimental subjects.  Let it be known that we can't release too much on the girl as the boss wants us to take special precautions should these documents fall into the wrong hands.  The girl is truly special with abilities that no kid her age should have.  All of this is thanks to her father who has been invaluable in his own right as a geologist.  Though truly exceptional, the boss has no current use for this one.  We only continue to detain her should a future need arise, the other two are enough for our goals now.

Unfortunately we're losing our experiments at too fast a rate.  One has escaped and the other declared dead.  Both were sick and have been for some time.  We're set to observe how this effects the "Honeybee."

Now through the meddling of a few, the girl labeled as "Honeybee" has escaped from beneath the stadium along with "The Tough Girl".  We have no clue as to their current whereabouts.  We've been searching around the clock but have had no success.  The boss really wants us to find the girl.  If we do not then all I can say is that there will be much worse things to worry about than getting fired.  Now that she's free the honeybee will most likely seek out her last surviving family member, her mother.  We'll need to track her down as well and take them both.

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***These reports are non canon to the original story.  I made them for the purposes of promotion to provide a little more insight into the characters.

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